The play Lilitarren ohorea (The Honour of the Lili Family) has real stages and historical characters, and is performed by a flesh and blood actor. In a monologue, the last inhabitant of the Lili lineage, Andre Madalen, takes visitors back to 1678, looking in on the different rooms of the house as they go.

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The Honour of the Lili Family is performed in the Lili Palace. Information for those coming to see the play:

  • Car park: found on the right-hand side on the way into Zestoa.
  • Tickets: should be collected from the Ekainberri office in the centre of Zestoa:
    • Tf. +34 943 86 88 11.
    • Price:
      • General rate: 7.00€
      • Reduced rate: 6.00€
      • Children < 6 years old: Free
    • There is a 5 minute walk from the car park to the office.
    • Lili Palace: there is a 10 minute walk from the office to the palace. The play lasts for 25 minutes and visitors are asked to be punctual.

+34 943 86 88 12

Portale kalea 1, 20740 Zestoa (Gipuzkoa)
Here you can purchase tickets for Ekainberri and the Lili Palace